Galt Fair Fall Festival proceeds to benefit local park

Fall Festival

The proceeds from the Third Annual Galt Fair Fall Festival Saturday, October 6th will go toward the kiddie park behind the Galt Fair stage.

Delbert Jackson with the Fall Festival says the event was started for the purpose of rejuvenating the park as several pieces of playground equipment were in need of repair and paint. Some maintenance has been done to the equipment, and it has been repainted and repaired since the festival was started.

The Galt Fair purchased a large piece of equipment that used to be in Moberly Park of Trenton from the Trenton Park Department with the playground equipment will be installed as quickly as possible. More painting needs to be done on existing equipment, and he hopes more equipment will be added.

Activities for the Galt Fair Fall Festival start Saturday morning at 9 o’clock and go until that night around 9 o’clock.