Mifeprex (Mifepristone) abortion pill box (Photo via GenBioPro website)

U.S. Supreme Court justices seem skeptical of limits on access to abortion medication

(Missouri Independent) – The future of medication abortion access in the United States went in front of the U.S. Supreme Court justices on Tuesday, where several justices appeared somewhat skeptical as anti-abortion organizations argued the use of the pharmaceutical should be moved back to what was in place before 2016. Solicitor General Elizabeth Prelogar, speaking […]

Pet Poison Prevention Week News Graphicc

It’s National Animal Poison Prevention Week

National Animal Poison Prevention Week, March 17-23, 2024, is a time for pet owners to assess what plants and products can potentially poison their animals, identify signs they’ve been poisoned, and learn how to prevent pet poisoning. It is also a good time to remind livestock owners of the springtime dangers of potential poisons, such […]

Vet examining horse leg

Veterinary research offers hope for human arthritis

Researchers at Colorado State University are advancing our understanding of how osteoarthritis progresses in horses. Their work could eventually aid individuals who develop the degenerative disease following an injury to a knee, elbow, or shoulder. Lynn Pezzanite, a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and assistant professor at Colorado State University, noted that the disease impacts nearly […]


Intense opposition to U.S. Senate immigration deal quickly emerges

(Missouri Independent) – The proposed global security funding legislation that includes major bipartisan updates to immigration policy encountered opposition from members of both parties Monday, especially Republicans upset by the Biden administration’s handling of border security, charting a tumultuous path for passage in the Senate this week. The deal on immigration policy, negotiated for months […]

CDC or or disease news graphic

CDC reports 80% increase in U.S. syphilis cases

In a troubling development, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported a nearly 80% surge in syphilis cases across the United States, totaling more than 207,000 between 2018 and 2022. This sharp increase spans all age groups, including newborns, and affects every region of the country. A staggering 3,755 cases of congenital […]

Social Media News Graphic

Video: Zuckerberg, Spiegel apologize to victim families for harm experienced online

(Missouri News Service) – A contentious congressional hearing on Wednesday unanimously called for regulations on social media, with a focus on protecting children. U.S. Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) pressed Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg to apologize to the families of child victims who suffered due to social media’s negative impacts, including exploitation, harm, and death.   […]

Safety on Social Media

“A product that’s killing people”: Lawmakers chastise social media giants for harm to kids

(Missouri Independent) – Members of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee castigated executives at leading social media companies Wednesday, calling for more to be done to shield children from sexual exploitation, drug dealing, self-harm encouragement and other damaging content. In one tense exchange, Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley demanded to know if Mark Zuckerberg, the founder […]

Deep Fake News Graphic

“Taylor Swift Act” will protect against unauthorized deepfake images

State Representative Adam Schwadron is taking a significant step towards protecting the privacy and well-being of individuals by filing “The Taylor Swift Act.” This groundbreaking legislation aims to address the unauthorized disclosure of intimate digital depictions, providing crucial safeguards for those affected by such actions. The bill, named after the renowned artist Taylor Swift, aims […]

U.S. Mexico Border news graphic

27 state coalition demands Biden address border crisis

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey joined 26 other states in a letter to the Biden Administration, supporting Texas’ right to defend itself against unchecked illegal immigration at the southern border. “The situation at the southern border has spun out of control, all thanks to Joe Biden and his inept administration. Worse yet, they’re attempting to […]