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Live Birthday/Anniversary Call-In Program Rules

By calling into the Birthday Program, which runs Monday through Saturday at 8:05 am, you acknowledge and agree to abide by these rules.

We at the PAR broadcast group have established rules for the program. There have been too many complaints from those who are attempting to call into the program and get a busy signal.

  • No calls for the Birthday/Anniversary Program will be answered before 8 am Central Time.
  • You are limited to 1 call per day for either Birthdays or Anniversaries.
  • You may NOT call in, announce five birthdays, then call in again and announce 5 additional names.
  • You are limited to a MAXIMUM of five (5) birthday/anniversary name announcements per single-day call.
  • If you cannot get into the program due to the phone lines being busy, or you are gone for two or three days, you may NOT announce more than 5 birthdays from the days you were either not available or could not get into the program You may choose 5 birthday announcements from the current day, or 5 birthday name announcements from all of the days combined, but you may NOT announce more than 5 birthday names per call in total.
  • You may NOT call in, announce five birthdays, then say “one moment, I have someone else to announce birthdays.” and hand the phone to someone else for an additional five announcements.  A different person in your household must dial in.

For those that do not wish to call into the program, you may send your announcement in an email to KTTN Radio, and the on-air person will read it live. Wishes in an email must be received 24 hours before the current day show begins.

Send Birthdays to: [email protected] Send anniversaries to: [email protected]  You may send physical mail via U.S. postal service to: Attention: Birthday/Anniversary Program, Post Office Box 307, Trenton, Missouri 64683.

The maximum of 5 names also applies to emails we receive.  If more than five names are received in an email, KTTN will read the first five enclosed in the email.

Please remember, the Birthday Program is a FREE program offered by KTTN Radio and those sponsors who support the program. Ultimately, what happens on the air is completely up to the host who is on-air moderating the program. There may be times when the person on the air is going to take a few moments and chat with an individual. These are the moments that make the program fun, and that’s what the program is all about.

There will be moments when the on-air person will speak about events happening in the area or will speak a bit about the weather and forecast or other information, some of it trivial. Chances are, the on-air person is waiting for all of the phone lines to queue up with callers so be patient, and overall, have fun with the program.

These rules and regulations are subject to change without notice.

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