Chillicothe City Council to meet on Monday

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The Chillicothe City Council will deliberate on multiple ordinances during their upcoming meeting. The session is scheduled for May 13 at 5:30 p.m. at the Chillicothe City Hall.

The council will review an ordinance to authorize the procurement of concession supplies for the Parks and Recreation Department for fiscal year 2024-2025. Additional ordinances will be considered to accept the lowest responsible bids for an asphalt overlay project at Danner Memorial Park and for replacing the roof at the Chillicothe Street Department Building, located at 30 South Mitchell Avenue. Another proposed ordinance aims to introduce a lead ban in plumbing as part of the city code.

Further discussions will cover amendments to the city code concerning the regulation of animals and fowl.

The agenda also includes a presentation on a proposed new police facility, a proposal to dispose of outdated police department records, and a closed session to discuss employee matters.

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