Audio: Wright Memorial Hospital offers supportive services for older adults through Senior Life Solutions

Wright Memorial Hospital of Trenton offers a support program for older adults and their families. Senior Life Solutions began about two years ago, and Director Robin Dennert says the program generally involves therapy in groups of less than 10 members.



The group therapy sessions are usually held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings. She mentions members are screened for COVID-19 before the sessions. Attendees also wear masks and social distance.  There are also opportunities for individual therapy sessions and teletherapy.



Dennert reports Wright Memorial Hospital’s Senior Life Solutions serves a critical care access hospital region and serves an area within a 50-mile radius of the hospital through teletherapy.  Some caregivers qualify for the program.



There is no set age limit of 50 or 60 years old to qualify for Senior Life Solutions. There is also no flat fee. The program is individually based on needs and care.  Participants work toward goals in an average of six to nine months. Some take less time to reach their goals, and others take more time. Participants graduate when they reach their goals.

A physician’s referral is not needed to get started, but Senior Life Solutions will work with doctors. Residents who believe they or someone they know could benefit from the program can call 660-357-4730.