Audio: Great Northwest Day at the Capitol was a virtual event in 2021, featuring Governor Parson via Zoom

Missouri State Capitol courtesy of WikiMedia

Governor Mike Parson spoke to the Northwest Missouri delegation virtually on February 2nd during Great Northwest Day.

After reviewing his State of the State address, Parson answered questions submitted by delegates and asked by Great Northwest Day Committee Chairperson Annette Weeks.

One question involved the plan for the state to help ensure access to affordable primary care and mental health services. Parson said the state will invest “quite a bit of money” toward the issue, and he is “passionate” about it.



Parson reported there is money in the budget to fund the Medicaid expansion rollout planned for July. He believes the state will have to look at reforms for the system.



Parson noted more than one million individuals were on the Medicaid list when he became governor.



A recording of the Great Northwest Day Facebook Live with Parson is available on the Great Northwest Day at the Capitol Facebook page.

Director of Development Rob Dixon is scheduled to address delegates on Facebook Live on the morning of February 3rd at 10 o’clock.

Governor Mike Parson answered questions submitted by delegates from Northwest Missouri during the virtual Great Northwest Day on February 2nd. Great Northwest Day Committee Chairperson Annette Weeks hosted the governor and asked him the questions.

One of the questions regarded what Parson means by recommending enhancements in workforce development infrastructure. He said he wants to see workforce development start at the high school level and then have students go to technical schools or community colleges to expand on skills. He wants to make sure students have an opportunity to stay in Missouri and make sure the workforce meets the demands of businesses when they come to the state.

Earlier in the Facebook Live, Parson reviewed his State of the State address and noted he introduced the Fast Track program about two years ago.



Another question involved plans for the private sector to help blighted and older areas. Parson said the state asked Saint Louis construction companies to volunteer to take down buildings and blighted areas and help clean them up to make them into green space or areas for agriculture purposes.



Parson said he thinks it takes federal, state, and local levels working together to control crime. He also believes the state has to get “good people” who are willing to go into law enforcement.



A recording of Parson on Facebook Live is available below as he joined Great Northwest Day at the Capitol via Zoom.




(Missouri State Capitol building photo courtesy of Wikimedia)