Out of state driver causes problems in traffic and for authorities

Livingston County Sheriff
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Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox has released information on an incident that occurred last week in which a Texas driver was argumentative, uncooperative, and belligerent during a traffic stop.

The sheriff’s office responded to a report of a “dually” (dual) pickup truck pulling a flatbed trailer with heavy equipment on Highway 36 near Wheeling traveling at a high speed on February 3rd. When officers located the vehicle near Chillicothe, it had slowed to less than the speed limit and was displaying emergency flashers.

The pickup took the Highway 65 on-ramp and allegedly pulled into the path of a northbound van, nearly causing a collision.  The truck was stopped, and the driver was cited for failure to yield at the intersection and given a warning on other violations.

The driver demanded the sheriff buy him a meal, followed the officers to the law enforcement center, and continued to be unreasonable.

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