Natural gas leak forces evacuation of Trenton residents

Gas Leak

A natural gas leak Thursday morning resulted in the evacuation of residents near Norton Street and Crowder Road in Trenton.

Trenton Fire Lieutenant Doug Franklin reports firefighters arrived at the corner of Norton Street and Crowder Road and found boring equipment operated by Boley Utilities Construction that had a significant amount of natural gas coming from the borehole as well as other places along the right of way east of Norton Street and on the corner of Crowder Road. He says Empire Gas was notified, and the fire department, Trenton Police Department, and Grundy County Sheriff’s Office secured the area by blocking the roads to through traffic.

Franklin notes firefighters and police officers contacted residents in the immediate area who were home at the time to evacuate them as well as residents within about one city block north of the incident due to the wind coming out of the south. Other residents in the area were advised to stay inside their homes and keep their doors and windows closed.

Firefighters with natural gas detecting sensors monitored the homes closest to the leak, and they detected no harmful amounts in the homes.  Firefighters continued to monitor the air quality and situation until Empire Gas crews had the gas line repaired. Crews were on the scene about three hours, and there were no injuries.

City Administrator/Utility Director Ron Urton says Boley Utilities Construction has been installing fiber optic cable along Crowder Road.

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