Former Chillicothe residents charged with child sex crimes

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Two former residents of Chillicothe have been charged with serious felony offenses in Livingston County, stemming from their alleged sexual involvement with a juvenile.

Dakota Wayne Akers, 26, and Jena Michael Akers, 27, who now reside in Memphis, Tennessee, each face charges of sexual exploitation of a minor, use of a child in a sexual performance, and possession of child pornography. This involves either a second or subsequent offense or possession of more than 20 images or a single film or videotape. Neither individual is eligible for bond.

According to court documents, the Akers are accused of producing child pornography by video recording a victim under 18 years old, coercing the victim to participate in a sexual performance, and possessing child pornography that graphically depicts the victim in sexually explicit acts. The alleged misconduct began in 2022.

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