Grundy County Court sentences two to prison, places three on probation

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Two defendants received prison terms, and three defendants were placed on probation Thursday in Division One of the Grundy County Circuit Court.

Trenton resident Lloyd Wayne Shaver admitted to a probation violation. Probation was revoked, and Shaver was sentenced to seven years with the Missouri Department of Corrections. The court retains jurisdiction for 120 days. His original charge was forgery.

Gallatin resident Caleb Scott Kinnison saw his probation revoked when he admitted to a violation. The court imposed the original sentences on three felony counts stemming from two years ago. He received three years each in the Department of Corrections for resisting/interfering with an arrest for a felony and receiving stolen property, plus two years for first-degree tampering with a motor vehicle. The sentences are to be served consecutively with the court retaining jurisdiction for 120 days. Credit was given for 456 days in jail awaiting disposition.

Taylor Scott Groves of Trenton pleaded guilty to one felony count and three misdemeanors from an arrest last month. The imposition of sentence was suspended, and Groves was placed on five years probation for resisting arrest, detention, or stopping by fleeing, creating a substantial risk to others. He is to donate $300 to the Law Enforcement Restitution Fund. Credit was given for serving 24 days in jail on charges of driving while revoked or suspended, careless and imprudent driving, and failure to register a motor vehicle. Two other misdemeanors were dismissed by the prosecutor.

Two Trenton residents, Stephanie Jean Thompson and Terry D. Thompson, pleaded guilty to a felony count from January 2024 of first-degree endangering the welfare of a child, creating a substantial risk in their home. Court information described the child as under 17 years old. Both individuals were placed on five years probation after sentencing was suspended. Each is to donate $300 to the Law Enforcement Restitution Fund. Terry Thompson is to serve ten days of “shock incarceration” in the county jail on weekends.

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