Trenton Convention and Visitors Bureau elects officers

City of Trenton Website

The Trenton Convention and Visitors Bureau elected officers Wednesday, October 14th. City Clerk Cindy Simpson reports Cara McClellan was elected as president, Micah Landes as President-Elect, Megan Taul as secretary, and Jordan Ferguson as treasurer. President-Elect is what an ordinance called the vice president.

The bureau set the regular meeting time as the second Wednesday of each month at noon. The meeting will normally be held in the city hall. Megan Pester is to look into the bureau holding its November meeting at the college due to the city hall being closed for Veterans Day.

A preliminary budget was tabled until bylaws can be created. Simpson says the bureau wants to look at bylaws from other cities with convention and visitors bureaus to use them as examples in establishing the bylaws for Trenton’s group.