Powersville man charged with Burglary and child neglect after breaking into home in Unionville

Burglary Graphic

A Powersville man faces felony charges of abuse or neglect of a child and first-degree burglary after he allegedly entered a Unionville residence uninvited to take his two minor children in May.

Forty-year-old Anthony Brandon Pearson has also been charged with two misdemeanor counts of violation of an order of protection for an adult and two misdemeanor counts of violation of a child protection order. An initial appearance is in court scheduled for August 16.

Probable cause statements from Unionville Police Officer Jordan Ward and Putnam County Deputy Sheriff R. Douglas Bonnett accuse Pearson of taking his daughters from a residence when he has a full order of protection in place on both. He also has an active protective order on his ex-wife. After receiving a 911 call, law enforcement located the vehicle he drove allegedly with no one inside parked behind a residence, approached the residence and handcuffed Pearson.

Ward says one of the daughters appeared to have a red mark on her face like she had been slapped, with redness extended above the temple lobe and visible blood vessels. An ambulance was called, but the ambulance crew said there was no sign of internal injury.

A probable cause statement from Putnam County Sheriff Jason Knight accuses Pearson of calling his mother’s residence twice about two weeks later and speaking to at least one child.