Rep. Mazzie Christensen reacts to governor signing education bill

Mazzie Christensen (Photo via Mazzie for Missouri website)
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The Missouri Legislature delivered an education bill to the governor earlier this session. On May 7, Governor Mike Parson signed Senate Bill 727 and House Bill 2287 into law.

Second District State Representative Mazzie Christensen of Bethany reported on May 6 that Senate Bill 727 comprised 160 pages. She noted the bill contained many components, including a segment dedicated to the Missouri Scholars Program.



One key component of the legislation was a proposal for teacher salary increases. Christensen believed a raise was necessary. However, she expressed concern over several issues not addressed in the bill, particularly the potential consequences if the Teacher Pay Salary Grant remained unfunded.



The bill also included a media literacy initiative, which involved distributing books to fifth and eighth graders. The homeschooling section sparked significant debate among stakeholders due to several unresolved issues.



Christensen chose not to support the bill. While she appreciated certain aspects, she emphasized the importance of not creating legislation that would burden future lawmakers.

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