Former City of Trenton employee files suit alleging discrimination in the workplace

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The city of Trenton is the defendant in a lawsuit filed this week by a former employee. Scott Shull is alleging discrimination while he was employed by Trenton Municipal and working with the water and wastewater department

The suit was filed in Division One of the Grundy County Circuit Court. According to the suit, Shull was employed by the city from July 2014 until his termination in May 2020.

Shull, through an attorney, requested a jury trial on a petition for damages that he says he incurred from the city’s disability discrimination and retaliation after Shull suffered a medical condition that resulted in an accident while he was at work. The suit reports Shull filed a charge of discrimination with the Missouri Commission on Human Rights and was issued what’s called a “Notice of Right to Sue” by that commission.

The suit says Shull experienced a momentary loss of consciousness while driving a city truck on May 24, 2019. The truck bumped a telephone pole as Shull was pulling over to get off the road. He received medical treatment at the scene and while his blood pressure was elevated, he said he was otherwise fine and was released to go home. Shull said he was advised not to drive until he was cleared by a specialist. The suit said a medical release was provided to the city and Shull continued to work. Shull alleges his supervisor, Kenny Ricketts, upon learning of the accident, treated him in an alleged negative and discriminatory/harassing manner.

In February 2020, City Administrator Ron Urton and Supervisor KennyRicketts allegedly told Shull that he would no longer be allowed to drive any of the city vehicles even though the plaintiff’s doctor had cleared him to drive. That led Shull to believe his medical condition was being used to terminate his employment with the city.

On May 20, 2020, Shull’s employment with the city was terminated because of his “medical condition,” which the city claimed posed “a direct threat” to Shull’s health and safety as well as the health and safety of Shull’s co-workers and the general public. The letter was signed by Ron Urton.

The suit alleges that the city was motivated to terminate Shull’s employment because of perceived physical impairment/disability and claims the conduct was unlawful.

Scott Shull seeks to recover all costs, expenses, expert witness fees, and attorney’s fees in addition to compensation for other damages he has incurred including past and future lost wages and benefits. Shull also claims he suffers from what’s being referred to as a detrimental job record, career damage and diminished career potential, pain and suffering, emotional and mental distress.

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