Chillicothe Chamber of Commerce establishes “Chamber Hero Program”

Chillicothe Chamber Heroes Section of Website

The Chillicothe Area Chamber has established the “Chamber Hero Program,” and through this program, area businesses may contribute membership funds to help other businesses join the Chamber for the first time. The recipient then gains access to the many benefits The Chamber has to offer their business through the generous act of sponsorship by a fellow community business.

In this difficult time where small businesses are hit the hardest, it is refreshing to hear those who may have fared well through the pandemic say that it is their privilege to pay-it-forward and help others discover how the Chillicothe Chamber works hard for them.

There are three main levels of sponsorship in the Chamber Hero Program. At the top lies the Platinum Level at $300 or more, followed by Gold at $200, Silver at $100.

To become a Chamber Hero and invest in the future of commerce in Chillicothe, simply call the Chamber at 660-646-4050.

You may find a listing of participating Chamber Heros on the Chamber of Commerce website.