Rhonda Vincent and the Rage light up the Performing Arts Center at Trenton High School

Rhonda VIncent

Rhonda Vincent and the Rage entertained a large crowd for more than two hours Thursday night at the Trenton High School Performing Arts Center. It was the second time the Grand Ole Opry member and her band appeared on stage at the Performing Arts Center. The first time was in October 2021. Both concerts were organized by Ron Dougan as a benefit for the Dream Factory of Northwest Missouri.

When expressing appreciation to the audience for attending, Dougan announced that enough money was raised through ticket sales, live auctions, and donations to fund Ten Dreams for critically and chronically ill children. The auctioneer was Ryder Allen of Princeton.

The guitar, autographed by Rhonda Vincent and other stars of the Grand Ole Opry, was purchased for $710, making it the largest purchase of the evening.

During intermission, Trenton Mayor Jackie Soptic presented Rhonda Vincent with a gift basket of Trenton, Missouri, collectible items.

The concert included a moment when Carolyn Vincent of Kirksville joined her daughter Rhonda on stage. Later in the show, Rhonda invited 13-year-old Annie Hopkins of Unionville to come on stage to sing and play the guitar. She was instrumentally accompanied by the five members of the Rage.

Among the songs performed by Rhonda Vincent and the Rage last night was their newest single release, “The City of New Orleans,” which has risen to number one on the bluegrass chart. Also performed was a song that Jeannie Seeley wrote for Rhonda called “I Miss Missouri.”