Increased sales tax revenue reported for Grundy County in 2024

Sales Tax News Graphic
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Grundy County sales tax figures year-to-date show an increase compared to 2023. Each of the three county sales taxes from January through May has accumulated about $242,000. That’s $21,300 more than the five months last year.

Collections for May top $52,100 in each of the three funds: county revenue, general revenue, and law enforcement. Each sales tax is one-half of one percent.

County Clerk Courtney Campbell reports that the Department of Revenue has notified Grundy County that USE tax collections can begin on July 1, which is the start of the third quarter. Grundy County voters in April approved the local use tax, which is applied to out-of-state purchases made by citizens residing outside the city limits of Trenton and delivered to those locations. The city of Trenton has its own local use tax.

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