North Central Missouri College begins construction on new residence halls

NCMC Begins Construction on new residence halls

North Central Missouri College begins construction on two new residence halls planned to be open for the fall 2021 semester. The new residence halls are apartment suite-style and will be available to full-time, enrolled NCMC students with other criteria to be determined. Each unit will be two floors and house 16 beds with eight on each floor. Each floor will also include a kitchenette and laundry facility. 

“The new residence halls are apartment-style and cater to how students live today,” said Dr. Kristen Alley, Vice President of Student Affairs. “Students will have their own bedrooms but still have shared spaces to cook, study, and socialize. The complex will be conveniently located to classes, the Ketcham Community Center, and other campus facilities. We utilized student focus groups to gain a better understanding of wants and needs and provided that feedback to the architect and builder. We are eager for students to move in and make this their new home away from home while they pursue their education.”

The two halls are being constructed with local business, Weldon Builders and Construction, and located on the far northeast corner of campus property. With all campus facility projects, the construction is also overseen by NCMC Facilities Director Randy Young. 

“We are excited about the prospect of our new housing units,” said President Dr. Lenny Klaver. “New housing is a part of our NCMC strategic plan for campus modernization and enrollment growth; we hope over several years all of our housing will be this style.” 

In long-term goals, NCMC plans to construct more apartment-style housing and demolish or repurpose the current residence halls. Also included in long-term goals is constructing a student center with a dining commons and Campus Store.  

Dr. Alley went on to say, “as NCMC continues to grow, so do the services and amenities we provide to our students.  We are excited to offer additional living options and look forward to offering our students a new setting for them to live and learn.”