Audio: Hawley blasts Biden Administration after more than 4,000 migrants cross border in Texas

U.S. Senator Josh Hawley

(Missourinet) – Missouri U.S. Senator Josh Hawley is criticizing the Biden Administration after more than 4,000 migrants crossed the Mexican border in two days at Eagle Pass, Texas. He believes the mass crossings this week will likely impact Missouri:



“The cartels are in complete control of the border. Nobody moves across it without them profiting, and they are transporting large quantities of drugs into Missouri – into every school in our state. Those drugs originate from the southern border.”

Texas Public Radio has reported that the Biden Administration deployed up to 800 active-duty personnel to the southwest border following this week’s mass migrations.

Hawley informed Missourinet that the reason more than 4,000 migrants staged mass crossings this week across the Rio Grande into Eagle Pass, Texas is:



“They’re transporting children. Thousands upon thousands of children are in modern-day slavery, being forced to work long hours overnight without pay. It’s all illegal. Why? Because they’ve been trafficked across the border. They are victims of sex trafficking across the border. It’s astonishing that this could occur in our country.”

Marshall Griffin

Marshall says his former job as State Capitol Reporter for St. Louis Public Radio has taught him the most. He had to learn first-hand about everything involved in how an idea becomes a bill and, in the end, a new law – and how to communicate that process to the listening audience.