Sheriff follows leads after remains of “Ty” Husted discovered

Sebastian Tyrese Husted
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On April 25, the Highway Patrol reported that human remains found in northeast Mercer County were identified as those of 24-year-old Sebastian Tyrese Husted of Centerville, Iowa. Mercer County Sheriff Jeff Spencer stated that the sheriff’s office is pursuing minor leads and collaborating with the Centerville, Iowa, Police Department.

The Highway Patrol had previously announced that Husted had been missing for over six years. The Centerville Police Department initially filed a missing person report on January 22, 2018.

According to the Missing Persons Support Center, “Ty” Husted was last seen on that day. He had reportedly been working at a hog confinement facility near South Lineville, but a search of the facility yielded no clues.

Authorities were informed that Husted carpooled with a coworker since he did not own a vehicle at the time of his disappearance when he was 18 years old.

Sheriff Spencer noted that the remains were discovered approximately one mile from the location where Husted was last reported seen. A turkey hunter found the remains on private property, as previously reported by the Patrol.

Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Sergeant Shane Hux stated that the Mercer County coroner had sent the remains to the Jackson County Medical Examiner, who identified them as Husted’s.

Spencer mentioned that the cause of death and the time of death remain undetermined, as the medical examiner was unable to ascertain these details.

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