Pay scale guide to be developed by Trenton city officials

City of Trenton website updated June 2023
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The finance committee from the Trenton City Council convened Monday evening with department heads and other city leaders and employees to discuss the position table, merit, years of service, and pay scale.

City Administrator Ron Urton detailed the development process of the document presented at the council’s first meeting of the month. He clarified that no pay cuts were being proposed and the tables would serve as a guide for future decisions. Urton also noted that a policy would be drafted to address scenarios based on prior and current queries. This draft policy is expected to be prepared by city officials and presented for approval at a future meeting of the eight-member city council.

Mayor Jackie Soptic emphasized that the document aimed to provide structure across the various jobs at the city and Trenton Municipal Utilities, ensuring competitive wages compared to other municipalities or businesses. Concerns were raised by department heads about the entry-level wages when recruiting new employees.

The finance committee members appointed by the Mayor with council consent include Tim Meinecke, Marvin Humphreys, John Dolan, and Glen Briggs. Meinecke was elected as the committee chairman. Alongside Urton, Councilman Duane Urich and Mayor Soptic were present at last evening’s meeting, which lasted 30 minutes. Additionally, three department heads and between six to eight employees attended.

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