Audio: Trenton City Administrator Ron Urton on the asphalt plant and new sidewalks

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While Trenton’s asphalt plant produced a large amount of tonnage (25,000 tons) for street work this year, the amount did not include asphalt used in the Highway 6 resurfacing project. The general contractor had its own asphalt plant.

Trenton City Administrator Ron Urton spoke with KTTN.



Before the resurfacing project, and in conjunction with the Department of Transportation, Urton said city officials had a sub-contractor install new and additional sidewalks along the street. At the same time, another company replaced water mains at selected locations.



Before the end of the year, Urton said the city received an inquiry from Orscheln’s Farm and Home regarding their purchase of asphalt for the parking lot at their new store in Trenton.