Winners of the Life Options Green Hills 5K in Trenton

Life Options Green Hills Pregnancy + Health Center
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Winners from the Life Options Green Hills Pregnancy and Health Center’s 5K, held on April 27, have been officially announced. The event saw robust participation with 84 runners and 20 volunteers contributing to a successful day.

Women’s Division Winners:

  • First Place:
    • Jena Harris
    • Mackenzie Weldon
    • Jackie Webb
    • Sherri Betz
    • Kari Ross
  • Second Place:
    • Avery Webb
    • Jessica Romine
    • Jewell Harris
    • Missie Cotton

Men’s Division Winners:

  • First Place:
    • Dylan Heitz
    • Michael Ormsby
    • Brandon Puls
    • Jerry Lucas
  • Second Place:
    • Jesse Miller
    • Andy Clark
    • Steven Mosely

Girls’ Division Winners:

  • First Place:
    • Ainsley Miller
    • Rozalea Webb
  • Second Place:
    • Timberlynn Johnson
    • Claire Woodard

Boys’ Division Winners:

  • First Place:
    • Joshua Detweiler
    • Luke Csicsai
  • Second Place:
    • Colten White
    • Scott Maberry

The community event highlighted the athletic talents across various age groups, supporting the ongoing initiatives of Life Options Green Hills to promote health and wellness.

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