Weldon Builders responds to alleged construction flaws in Green Hills Women’s Shelter building

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An attorney for Weldon Builders and Construction LLC of Trenton has filed motions requesting the dismissal of all counts in a breach of contract suit filed in Division One of Grundy County Circuit Court.

An attorney representing the Green Hills Women’s Shelter filed the suit, seeking a judgment of $684,000 in damages or an amount determined by a jury.

The suit alleges defects in the structure designed to offer residential housing for the Green Hills Women’s Shelter location in Trenton.

Weldon Builders completed the construction in the summer of 2019. When building problems were noted within a year, the contractor was contacted by the women’s shelter staff, and the issues were addressed. In September 2020, the women’s shelter attorney notified the contractor twice about alleged defects in the structure. The attorney for Weldon, according to court documents, stated that issues might have been caused by negligence or the fault of other persons or entities over which Weldon had no control.

The lawsuit was filed in Grundy County Circuit Court with Steve Hudson presiding. No date is listed in court records for when the case will be heard.

The Green Hills Women’s Shelter has previously reported that it continues to offer services to victims in multiple counties, but not in a residential setting in Trenton.

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