Switzer Residence in Hamilton among nominations for National Register of Historic Places

Switzer Residence 211 East Samuel Hamilton Missouri

The Switzer Residence at 211 East Samuel in Hamilton (pictured above) is among several nominations for the National Register of Historic Places. The consideration will take place during the Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation’s quarterly gathering. The session is set to occur at the Lewis and Clark State Building in Jefferson City on October 13th at 10 a.m. Those unable to attend in person can participate remotely.

The other properties vying for a spot on the Register include Number 1 Fairway of Sunset Hills, the LeGear Medicine Company Building of Saint Louis, Heim Fire Station Number 20 of Kansas City, and the Savings Trust Company of Saint Louis.

The Missouri Advisory Council on Historic Preservation is comprised of historians, architects, archaeologists, and citizens passionate about historic preservation. Appointed by the governor, the council operates in close collaboration with the Department of Natural Resources’ State Historic Preservation Office. This office is in charge of managing the National Register of Historic Places program for Missouri.

Each quarter, the council convenes to examine Missouri property nominations to the National Register. This register is recognized as the nation’s honor roll of historic properties. Once the council approves the nominations, they are sent to the Keeper of the National Register in Washington, D.C. for the final decision.

(Photo courtesy Google Maps)