Prevent package theft with Trenton Police’s top tips against Porch Pirates

Porch Pirates News Graphic
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If you’ve recently ordered clothing, jewelry, gifts, or other merchandise by phone, computer, or mail, these items were likely delivered directly to your home.

Most deliveries do not require a signature and are often left at your front door, even if no one is home to receive them. However, police warn that packages can quickly attract porch pirates (thieves), providing criminals with the opportunity they seek. Thieves aiming to snatch your packages may follow or watch for UPS, FedEx, US Mail, and other delivery service trucks, targeting your home after parcels are delivered.

This type of crime can occur any time of the year, but it tends to increase during the holidays due to more frequent shopping.

The Trenton Police Department has offered several tips to prevent package theft and reduce the risk of falling victim to this crime:

  • If possible, request a tracking number. Most major shipping companies provide this service free of charge. A tracking number allows you to monitor your packages and alerts you about their delivery time.
  • Opt for a “Signature Delivery Option” to require a signature upon delivery, ensuring packages aren’t left unattended at the front door.
  • Arrange a specific drop-off time and date when you will be home.
  • Have your packages held at the shipping service or placed in an access locker.
  • Ask the delivery service to leave packages at a side or back door, or an enclosed porch to keep them out of sight.
  • Consider having packages delivered to your workplace.
  • Have packages sent to a relative or neighbor’s home where someone will be present to accept them.
  • Choose to have your packages delivered to a retail store for later pickup.
  • Enlist a trustworthy neighbor to watch for and safeguard your packages until you return.
  • If your packages don’t arrive as scheduled, contact the sender immediately.

What Should You Do If You See Packages Being Stolen In Your Neighborhood?

  • Immediately call Trenton Police at (660) 359-2121 and report a “Crime In Progress.”
  • Provide the call taker with a detailed description of the suspect(s) and any involved vehicles.

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