Trenton City Hall to host three public hearings on January 2nd

City of Trenton website updated June 2023
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Three public hearings are scheduled for January 2nd at Trenton City Hall. These hearings, organized by the Trenton Board of Adjustments, will address requests for variances by North Central Missouri College of Trenton.

The first request concerns variances for the front, side, and rear yard setbacks adjacent to Main Street. This variance is to facilitate the construction of a new student center at the college’s campus, located at 1205 Main Street. The college is seeking a 15-foot variance from the 20-foot front yard setback, an 11-foot variance from the 15-foot side yard setback, and a 6-foot 8-inch variance from the 10-foot rear yard setback.

The college’s second request relates to the new athletic training facility under construction at 1312 Lulu Street. The college is requesting an 8-foot variance from the 15-foot front yard setback to allow for a covered entrance to the new facility.

The third public hearing will consider a request from William Gutshall. He seeks a 180-square-foot variance on the 720-square-foot maximum area for an accessory structure. This variance would enable the construction of a 20 x 30-foot building on a lot adjacent to 1308 Hemley Street in Trenton.

The hearings on January 2nd are set to begin at 6 p.m.

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