Charlie Bacon shares happiness tips at THS senior baccalaureate

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Trenton High School Biology and Chemistry Teacher Charlie Bacon discussed happiness and personal growth at the THS baccalaureate ceremony for seniors on May 8.

He reported on the results of a study of Olympic medalists and their happiest times.



The study showed that setting goals is important, but it is also crucial to enjoy the process of achieving those goals.

An acronym related to what he called the five elements of happiness. SPIRE stands for spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, emotional health, and gratitude. He explained that the acronym meant people should live a meaningful and purposeful life, take care of themselves, be lifelong learners, build strong relationships, and think of one thing every day for which they are grateful.

Bacon noted that happiness is often disguised as hard work, and tough experiences are the ones from which people learn and grow the most. He told a story about his dad putting up square hay bales and his friends coming to help. Bacon also noted that it is inevitable seniors will face difficult times. He discussed PTG or post-traumatic growth.




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