One injured, citation issued, after crash on 2nd and Kitty streets in Trenton

Accident-Crash graphic

Trenton Police issued a citation alleging an improper turn resulting in a recent traffic accident on April 7 at 2nd and Kitty streets in Trenton.

One driver, 24-year-old Dillon Matthew Pratt of Trenton, reported his forehead struck the driver’s visor, breaking it during the accident when the impact occurred. He declined medical attention. The other driver, 32-year-old Keri Michelle Miller of Galt, was not hurt.

The sports utility vehicle driven by Miller made a left turn from 2nd to go north on Kitty Street when it struck the car driven by Pratt. Police quote Miller as saying she failed to see the car due to the driver’s side pillar and had looked away from the road.

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