Main Street Trenton hosts “Tin Can Friday” on May 3rd

Main Street Trenton News Grapic
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Main Street Trenton, in partnership with the Trenton Area Chamber of Commerce, will host “Tin Can Friday” on May 3rd at Sesquicentennial Park in Trenton from 4 to 8 p.m. The event is part of the Community Clean Up Week, emphasizing the collection of litter from public spaces.

Lauren Dannar, Director of Main Street Trenton, noted the event’s historical roots, inspired by a 1907 image promoting “Tin Can Day.” The cleanup will not be limited to tin cans but will include various types of trash.



Dannar highlighted the significance of the event in promoting historic preservation and maintaining local traditions. Details about the event were discovered in an April 27, 1907, issue of the Daily Republican Tribune.



Participants will be provided with trash bags, vests, and gloves, available at Sesquicentennial Park during the event hours.

Collected trash will be gathered and displayed on the sidewalk in front of the park.



A prize will be awarded to participants. In collaboration with Rapid Removal, a dumpster has been provided for the week. If necessary, arrangements with Rapid Removal and Hope Haven will ensure all collected items are managed.

Dannar also mentioned cooperation with the city to schedule the pickup of personal trash items and expressed her desire for a clean downtown area for the upcoming farmers market, which begins on May 18th at Sesquicentennial Park and runs every Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon through September.

For further details on Tin Can Friday or the farmers market, contact Dannar at 816-838-3545.

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