Missouri enacts new laws to increase teacher pay and benefits

Governor Parson signs a bill into law at his desk
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Governor Mike Parson signed Senate Bill (SB) 727 and House Bill (HB) 2287 into law, enhancing support for Missouri’s education system. These laws collectively increase the baseline teacher pay to at least $40,000 annually, promote 5-day school weeks, bolster early childhood education programs, and expand funding for smaller schools.

“Throughout our administration, we have focused on improving compensation for teachers and recognizing their dedication,” Governor Parson stated. “These laws not only advance our commitment but also enrich educational opportunities for Missouri students, teachers, and families. This includes additional funding for pre-kindergarten programs, ensuring teachers receive fair compensation.”

SB 727 and HB 2287 introduce several key measures:

  • Permanently sets starting salaries for teachers at a minimum of $40,000.
  • By 2027, teachers with a master’s degree and over ten years of experience will earn at least $48,000 annually.
  • Annually adjusts teacher salaries based on the January Consumer Price Index, with a maximum increase of 3 percent.
  • Increases funding for early childhood education.
  • Expand the funding cap and accessibility of Missouri’s Empowerment Scholarship Accounts.
  • Encourages municipalities with populations over 30,000 to maintain 5-day school weeks.
  • Establishes the Elementary Literacy Fund.
  • Doubles the funding for the small school grant program to $30 million annually.
  • Ensures the protection of retirement benefits for teachers who continue working post-retirement.
  • Creates the Teacher Recruitment and Retention State Scholarship Program.

For additional details on SB 727, click here. For more information on HB 2287, click here.

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