Green Hills in the throes of intensifying drought; Missouri statewide conditions worsen

Drought Update News Graphic

Abnormally dry conditions have expanded in the Green Hills region, and the state of Missouri has seen a worsening of drought conditions over the past week. This information comes from the latest U.S. Drought Monitor map, released on Thursday, September 28th, reflecting conditions as of Tuesday, September 26th.

In the Green Hills area, northwest Harrison County has newly reported abnormally dry conditions, where previously there were no signs of drought or abnormal dryness. The rest of the Green Hills remains largely unchanged. Abnormally dry conditions persist across most of Harrison County, the western half of Daviess County, southwest Mercer County, and northwest Grundy County. Moderate drought conditions are prevalent in the remaining parts of these counties, as well as in southwest Caldwell County, the western half of Putnam County, and most of Sullivan, Linn, and Livingston counties. Severe drought conditions are now covering the remaining areas of the Green Hills.

Elsewhere in the state, Northwest, Eastern, and Southeast Missouri have also seen an expansion of abnormally dry conditions where none existed previously. Northeast Missouri, which was previously abnormally dry, now faces moderate drought conditions. Western Missouri has seen a decrease in extreme drought conditions, which have been replaced by severe drought. Similarly, one region in Eastern Missouri has seen its moderate drought conditions replaced by severe drought. Meanwhile, both moderate drought and abnormally dry conditions have lessened in Southwest Missouri.

As of now, 81.92% of the state is grappling with abnormally dry conditions or some degree of drought, marking an increase of 2.63% from the previous week.

Rainfall data from Trenton, as of Thursday morning, September 28th, indicates a deficit of 7.78 inches below the average year-to-date rainfall. Trenton recorded 1.12 inches of rain for the week ending Tuesday, September 26th.


Missouri Drought Map released Thursday, September 28, 2023