Great Northwest Day steering committee announces priorities for event in Jefferson City

Great Northwest Day

The Great Northwest Day steering committee has announced its priorities for the upcoming visit next month with lawmakers at the state capital.

According to Micah Landes, the steering committee chairman, five priorities to be presented include:

  1. Caring for our youngest citizens
  2. Aligning to educate and advance our workforce
  3. Having rural high-speed broadband access and affordability
  4. Safer roads and bridges
  5. Wind energy and large water projects of northwest Missouri

Landes stated collaborating and speaking as a unified voice has proven to be powerful for the northwest part of the state. She explained the committee collected and prioritized issues and concerns which impact all of northwest Missouri.

Representatives from at least 15 northwest Missouri counties are expected to attend the annual event. It’s scheduled February 5th and 6th in Jefferson City. Details are available on the website.