Escapee from Mercer County Jail back in custody

Jail or Prison Escape

Information has been released about a prisoner who had escaped but has been returned to custody at the Mercer County Jail in Princeton Friday night.

Mercer County Sheriff Stephen Stockman reports 27-year-old Drake Kately of Kansas City was found hiding in an apartment in Princeton and apprehended around 12:30 am on Saturday morning.

Stockman says Kately was wearing pajama bottoms and a t-shirt at the time, but he does not know where Kately got them, as Kately reportedly stripped off his clothes before escaping from jail. Kately also was not wearing shoes when he was found. No injuries were reported in the incident.  Kately was not alone at the time of his apprehension, but he did not identify others in the apartment nor was the location of the apartment released. A Princeton resident told the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office Kately was seen going into the apartment.

Stockman reports Kately escaped from the Mercer County Jail by digging in the dirt at the bottom of the fence around the outside exercise area and sliding under while a deputy went inside to answer the phone. Kately was gone when the deputy came back outside. Mercer County Jail Administrator Travis Marts previously reported the escape happened around 8 o’clock(Friday night. The exercise area is under surveillance all the time from the sheriff’s office.

Online court information shows Kately has been charged in Mercer County in one case with the felonies of first-degree assault or attempt and unlawful possession of a firearm as well as the misdemeanors of resisting or interfering with an arrest, detention, or stop and driving while revoked or suspended—second or third offense.

In another case, Kately faces a misdemeanor charge of owner operating a motor vehicle without maintaining financial responsibility—first offense.

Stockman says he will ask for an additional charge against Kately of escaping custody and adds that precautions will be taken to make sure Kately does not escape again.

Agencies assisting the Mercer County Sheriff’s Office in the search for Kately included the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office, Highway Patrol, and Mercer County Fire Department and Ambulance.