Calamity Jane Car Show draws record 78 entries

Car Show News Graphic

The annual Calamity Jane Car Show, held this past Sunday, showcased an impressive 78 entries, featuring a range of vintage and modified vehicles. The event was a hit among car enthusiasts, with awards presented in various categories to honor the best of the best.


  • 1st Place: Paul Smith, 1947 Jeep Willys, Princeton, MO
  • 2nd Place: Rory Jacobs, 1924 Dodge Roadster, Spickard, MO

Original 50s

  • 1st Place: Ron Terrel, 1956 Ford Fairlane, Centerville, IA

Original 60s

  • 1st Place: Wayne Cunningham, 1961 Chevy Impala, Chillicothe, MO
  • 2nd Place: Ben Green, 1962 Impala, Chillicothe, MO

Original 70s

  • 1st Place: Doyle Bounds, 1970 Chevy Chevelle, Albany, MO
  • 2nd Place: Dave Higdon, 1975 Chevy Corvette, Leon, IA

Original 80s-Present

  • 1st Place: Gordon Swenson, 2012 Dodge Challenger, Trenton, MO
  • 2nd Place: David McFarland, 2015 Dodge Challenger, Tingley, IA

Original Pickup or Truck

  • 1st Place: Kenny Broyles, 1954 Chevy Pickup, Milan, MO
  • 2nd Place: Rick & Lisa Phillips, 1947 International KBS, Princeton, MO


  • 1st Place: Danny Stubbs, 2023 Chevy Camaro, Corydon, IA
  • 2nd Place: Carter Linde, 1998 Chevy Camaro, Des Moines, IA

Sports Car

  • 1st Place: Joe Preston, 1957 Chevy Corvette, Chillicothe, MO
  • 2nd Place: Dave Higdon, 2023 Chevy Corvette, Leon, IA

Original Motorcycle

  • 1st Place: Dwayne & Diane Place, 2015 Indian Chieftain, Princeton, MO
  • 2nd Place: Wood Holt, Harley Davidson, Princeton, MO

Modified Categories

Street Rod

  • 1st Place: Kenny Mitchell, 1934 Ford 3-window Coupe, Wheeling, MO
  • 2nd Place: Marggie Scott, 1933 Dodge Plymouth Coupe, Harris, MO

Modified 50s

  • 1st Place: Gary and Judy Harris, 1955 Chevy Convertible, Moulton, IA
  • 2nd Place: Bill Zeider, 1952 Volkswagen Beetle, Princeton, MO

Modified 60s

  • 1st Place: Dave and Jean Fenton, 1963 ½ Ford Galaxie 500, Moravia, IA
  • 2nd Place: Dana Gregory, 1966 Chevy Nova SS, Princeton, MO

Modified 70s

  • 1st Place: Steve Lamar, 1973 Chevy Nova, Trenton, MO
  • 2nd Place: Don Wirth, 1971 Plymouth Cuda, Stanberry, MO

Modified Pickup or Truck

  • 1st Place: James & Connie West, 1955 GMC, Corydon, IA
  • 2nd Place: Billy Fisher, 1956 Ford F-100, Mercer, MO

Modified Motorcycle

  • 1st Place: Jim Seamon, 2002 Harley Davidson, Mt. Moriah, MO
  • 2nd Place: Jim and Melody Lunde, 1995 Warrier Truck, Princeton, MO

Special Awards

  • Judges Choice: Jason Pardach, 1936 Chevy, Melrose, IA
  • Ron Scott Memorial Award: Chosen by Scott Family – Ron and Alveena Wernert, 1967 Dodge Dart, Green Castle, MO
  • Best Paint: John Hartley, 1964 Ford Falcon, Mercer, MO
  • Best Ford: Dave and Jean Fenton, 1963 ½ Galaxie 500, Moravia, IA
  • Best GM: James and Connie West, 1955 GMC pickup, Corydon, IA
  • Best Mopar: Don Wirth, 1971 Plymouth Cuda, Stanberry, MO
  • Best SOB (Some Other Brand): Rick and Lisa Phillips, 1947 International KB5, Princeton, MO
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