Audio: North Central Missouri College alumni share their transformative journeys at reception honoring scholarship recipients

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Three North Central Missouri College students spoke on October 11 at a reception to honor NCMC Foundation and institutional scholarship recipients. The student speakers were scholarship recipients.

Cole Henderson of Cameron received the Christopher Raynes, Resident Assistant, and Student Senate scholarships. He chose NCMC because it was close to home. The scholarships he received allowed him to be debt-free for his first year of college.

Henderson works at the Ketcham Community Center. He shared that this role has given him experiences he never imagined, one of which was saving a man’s life.



Henderson became a resident assistant, which he believes enriched his college experience. NCMC has fostered his personal growth.

Lauren Krohn of Princeton received the Nan Carter, Mark and Rebekah Whiteaker, Board of Trustees, and Student Senate scholarships. She chose NCMC to stay close to home, noting that the college offered significant financial benefits compared to other institutions.

Krohn is a member of NCMC’s softball team, a significant part of her college experience.



She highlighted the cost savings and preparation for further schooling as key benefits of attending NCMC.

Tucker Otto of Trenton received the Claude and Nadine Eckert, Church Women United of Grundy County, Cross Allied Health Science, and Board of Trustees scholarships. He has been passionate about healthcare for a long time. He chose NCMC for its highly-ranked nursing program and its affordable tuition. Additionally, he could live at home.

Otto emphasized that the institution and his instructors are invested in his success.



NCMC Scholarship Coordinator Kristi Varner reported that over 380 essays were submitted for scholarships, with a committee evaluating each one. She revealed that over $260,000 was awarded to more than 265 students through scholarships this academic year.

NCMC Foundation Executive Director Alicia Endicott mentioned that the Transforming Lives, Empowering People Campaign has raised over $600,000 in additional scholarship funds.

North Central Missouri College Distinguished Alumna Dr. Jamie Hooyman also spoke on October 11. Hooyman is the provost at Northwest Missouri State University. She attended the school in Trenton when it was known as Trenton Junior College. She believes that her current position might not have been possible without NCMC’s influence, which she feels had the most profound impact on her journey.

Hooyman admitted that while learning was intuitive for her, she was somewhat complacent as a student. Both her parents and the TJC faculty helped her overcome this.



Hooyman reminded NCMC scholarship recipients that many have walked similar paths before them and they are not alone in their journey. She urged them to seek assistance when needed, believe in themselves, seize opportunities, learn from setbacks, and continually strive for improvement. She also emphasized the importance of accountability, gratitude, and surrounding oneself with positive influences. She reassured them that it’s okay to not always have a defined path ahead.

Hooyman emphasized the significance of supporting emerging leaders. She expressed gratitude to scholarship donors for guiding the students toward success.

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