Audio: Legislation creating 2021 Federal Economic Stimulus Fund to be heard Monday by Missouri House Committee

Street View Jefferson City Missouri State Capitol Building

Legislation creating a new fund for the billions of dollars Missouri is expected to receive from a new federal stimulus package will be unveiled Monday afternoon in Jefferson City. House Budget Committee Chairman Cody Smith of Carthage tells Missourinet that any money from the “American Rescue Plan of 2021” and ANY future stimulus money would go into the new fund.



Smith says it would also assist with planning purposes. The U-S Senate and House have passed different versions of the stimulus package. Once they agree on language, the bill will go to President Biden’s desk.

While the U-S Senate and House have passed a one-point-nine trillion-dollar federal stimulus package, they have approved different versions of the bill.  Smith notes it’s unknown yet specifically how much money will be coming to Missouri.



Under the legislation, State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick would be the new fund’s custodian.

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