National Weather Service rates Sunday tornado damage in northern Missouri

Photo of tornado and storm by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

National Weather Service preliminary damage survey results are in for the Purdin, Missouri tornado that hit the area on Sunday.

The tornado has been rated an EF-2 with estimated max winds of 120 mph. The tornado started at 4:31 PM and ended at 5:18 PM. The tornado began about 4:30 pm southeast of Chula and traveled 31 miles to Southeast Sullivan County. Damage near Purdin involved trees and buildings including at Missouri Energy- a propane supplier south of Purdin on Highway 5.

A second tornado was noted in Livingston County at 4:15 pm: about 6 miles northwest of Chillicothe near the intersection of Highway 190 and County Road 525. This appears to be a brief EF-0 tornado with peak winds at 80 mph, with the tornado traveling an approximately one-half mile.

A storm survey found evidence of another very brief EF-O tornado southwest of Pattonsburg near the intersection of Haven Road and 115th Street in northwestern Daviess County. This tornado touched down at approximately 3:35 pm Sunday with winds estimated at 85 miles an hour. This tornado traveled a short distance of just over one-tenth of a mile.

Preliminary damage survey results are in for the two tornadoes that impacted the Sedalia area Sunday. Two EF-0 tornadoes occurred Sunday night, one south-southeast of Sedalia and the other just east and along Highway 50.

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash