Trenton rallies volunteers for community cleanup effort

Main Street Trenton News Grapic
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Thirty volunteers participated in Main Street Trenton’s “Tin Can Friday” event on May 3.

Lauren Dannar, Director of Main Street Trenton, reported that the volunteers were members of the Trenton Area Chamber of Commerce, Trenton Rotary Club, Trenton Kiwanis Club, and Main Street Trenton itself. Additional volunteers from the community, including those from US Bank, BTC Bank, and various youth organizations, engaged in trash pickup throughout the week.

Dannar noted that the collected trash filled half of a pickup truck bed. Rapid Removal Disposal generously provided a dumpster at no charge for the event.

The hard work of the volunteers was celebrated with hot dogs, chips, and cookies at the Main Street Trenton office. Surplus cookies and chips were donated to the local police and fire departments.

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