Trenton Park Board members review staffing needs at swimming pool

Moberly Park Trenton Missouri

The Trenton Park Board discussed pool staffing at a meeting on Wednesday, May 5th.

Board President Duane Helmandollar reported six applications have been submitted for lifeguards this season for the Trenton Family Aquatic Center. Park Superintendent David Shockley announced there were three applications for assistant manager, and Taylor Richman has been hired as pool manager.  The pool needs to have 11 lifeguards to be fully staffed. Shockley said Richman has reached out to former lifeguards. He was to go over the assistant manager position with her on May 6th. Park Board Member Mary Peterson said she thought Richman would attract former lifeguards because Richman was well-liked. Park Board Vice President and Pool Committee Chairperson Andy Cox said Trenton might have to look at shutting down sections of the pool if it is not fully staffed. Helmandollar said he understands other facilities in the area have the same problem with not having many applications for lifeguards. He noted another life-saving certification training could be held if more individuals were interested.

Trenton City Council Park Board Liaison Marvin Humphreys asked how long it took to complete the life-saving class. Helmandollar said when his son took the course, it lasted about one week. However, Helmandollar thinks it could be completed faster.

Cox reported the hourly pay for lifeguards was set at $8 for new lifeguards a few years ago. Pay for some returning lifeguards was bumped to $8.25 or $8.50. The assistant manager’s pay was set at $9.25. Cox said the manager’s pay was set at $11 when Emily Kasinger was hired as manager. Park Board Member Curtis Crawford commented he thought the pay rate might have something to do with the low number of applications submitted. He said people could get jobs at other places starting at $9 per hour. Helmandollar said he wanted to stay even with pay because labor costs have to be made up.  He recommended the Pool Committee meeting sometime in the next week to discuss staffing. Richman could be included in the meeting. Cox said the meeting could be as early as May 10th.

Shockley reported the Park Department has been cleaning up vandalism around Eastside and Moberly parks. He indicated the vandalism included spray painting in the bathrooms, at the playgrounds, and on picnic tables. Helmandollar encouraged residents to report any suspicious activity they see at the parks.

Shockley said Perkins Dozing completed stump removal at Moberly Park last week. The concrete foundation/light by the flag pole was also removed.

The Park Department joined Park Board Member Gary Schuett in planting trees around Moberly and Gladys Grimes parks on May 5th. They planted 12 trees. One tree was a Royal Raindrop Crabapple donated by Bill Bear at Rosemary Hill Farm for Arbor Day.

Shockley reported fields are ready for the Green Hills Recreation Association to start games next week. North Central Missouri College baseball and softball finished their home seasons last week and will begin post-season play this weekend.

Shockley completed the first round of trim spraying around ball fields and is working on getting the rest of the areas that are needed.

Scouts had a volunteer day to clean up the pool. Shockley said they did a good job and thanked them for their work.

Humphreys interjected that he was recently at an auction at the Rock Barn, it had been raining, and there was a leak. Helmandollar replied that he was aware of the problem, and he is trying to figure out where the leak is. He thinks the leak is from around a vent because he believes the roof looks good.

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