Trenton native, Dalton Berry, celebrated as University of Maryland Global Campus “Student Veteran of the Year”

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Sergeant Dalton Berry

Trenton, Missouri native Dalton Berry, upon completing high school, aspired to contribute significantly to his nation. Opting for a path divergent from college, Berry enlisted in the U.S. Marines at 17, becoming his family’s first military member. His score on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery facilitated his entry into the signals intelligence field.

Six years into his service, Sergeant Berry now imparts knowledge on cybersecurity and intelligence to junior Marines. His educational journey, initially unintended, led him to obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer networks and cybersecurity from the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC). Berry is currently progressing towards a master’s degree in cybersecurity technology at UMGC.

UMGC has recognized Berry’s dual contributions in military and academic realms by naming him the Student Veteran of the Year. This accolade was presented during the Veterans Day Ceremony at the General John W. Vessey Jr. Ballroom, College Park Marriott Hotel and Conference Center, Adelphi, on November 10.

Berry’s expertise in cybersecurity is rooted in his understanding of modern warfare’s evolution towards cyberspace. He emphasizes the importance of signal intelligence in contemporary military operations, highlighting the necessity for secure and efficient communication between combat soldiers and command centers.

Berry’s military training encompassed stints at the Marine Combat Training School, Camp Pendleton, California, and Intelligence Schools at the Marine Corps Detachment, Goodfellow Air Force Base, Texas. His roles have included system administrator at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, and communications chief during a 2019 deployment in Africa with Combat Logistics Regiment 25.

Berry leveraged UMGC’s offerings for active-duty personnel, and capitalized on credits from prior community college and military education, expediting his bachelor’s degree completion before transitioning to his master’s studies.

Currently, Berry serves as a senior instructor at Goodfellow Air Force Base, involved in updating and teaching the Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance Systems Engineer Course. His aspirations include attending Officer Candidate School, a goal he believes is attainable through his academic achievements at UMGC.

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