Trenton City Council to review utility committee proposals

Trenton Utility Committee news graphic V2
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The Trenton Municipal Utilities Committee met late Thursday afternoon and authorized the Mayor to sign three agreements with Power Plant Compliance.

Utility Director Ron Urton reported that one agreement is for the certification testing of the reciprocating internal combustion engines. Another is for the purchase of seven new catalysts for the South substation power plant. The third agreement involves sending the seven existing catalysts off for washing and recoating.

Additionally, the committee authorized the mayor to sign a mutual aid agreement with the Missouri Public Utility Alliance. Urton also mentioned that the committee voted unanimously to remove the maximum limits of cash reserves in each fund: electric, water, and sewer. However, the minimum requirements for cash reserves will still be maintained according to policy.

These actions will be presented as committee recommendations to the full City Council.

During the meeting, TMU department heads provided their reports. The Comptroller discussed the monthly financial information.

Utility committee members who attended the meeting were John Dolan, Duane Urich, and Tim Meinecke. Marvin Humphreys was absent.

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