Trenton Administrative Committee to continue housing demolition program

Trenton Municipal Utilities (TMU) or Trenton City Hall
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At the recent Trenton Administrative Committee meeting, no decisive actions were taken regarding the city’s ongoing issues.

The committee discussed the current housing demolition program, which will proceed unchanged. This program includes a meticulous evaluation of structures marked for demolition, especially in cases where the owner is financially incapable of bearing the costs. In such scenarios, the city may cover the entire demolition expense. Subsequently, a lien will be placed on the property, facilitating the city in recouping its costs upon the sale of the now vacant lot.

Councilman Lou Fisher brought forth the idea of establishing what he termed a “police oversight board.” This board would potentially handle citizen complaints against the police department.

Additionally, Councilman Glen Briggs suggested the formation of a public safety committee. According to Briggs, this committee would oversee both the police and fire departments. He emphasized that certain issues currently presented to the administrative committee could be more effectively managed by a public safety committee before escalating them to the city council.

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