Second teacher at Missouri school on leave over OnlyFans account

St. Clair HS English Teacher Megan Gaither (Submitted Photo from Social Media)

A second Missouri high school teacher has been placed on administrative leave following the discovery of her OnlyFans account, a subscription-based content platform. Megan Gaither, a 31-year-old English teacher and varsity cheerleading coach, confirmed her leave starting October 27 in an interview with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Gaither cited her substantial student loan debt exceeding $125,000 as the primary reason for creating an OnlyFans account, stating that her teacher’s salary was insufficient, especially during the summer months. Her annual salary, including a stipend for coaching, was reported to be around $47,500.

The revelation of her OnlyFans account came shortly after another English teacher at the same school, Brianna Coppage, was also put on leave for selling explicit content online. Gaither, who had around 1,500 subscribers, said she removed her account in an attempt to maintain anonymity and protect her career.

The situation escalated when Gaither was identified in a video on Coppage’s OnlyFans account, despite her efforts to not show her face. She was recognized due to a public picture of her wearing the same costume as in the video.

Gaither has denied the school district’s allegations that her leave was due to issues with “professionalism and student communication.” She is considering advocating for better teacher pay, inspired by her colleague Coppage, who has reportedly earned close to $1 million through her OnlyFans content.

In a Facebook post, Gaither expressed her love for teaching and her intention to bring attention to the issue of teacher pay. She emphasized her commitment to her profession and the success of her side job.

The school district’s superintendent, Kyle Kruse, has not issued a statement regarding the situation.

Gaither also mentioned that her students were unaware of her OnlyFans activity until an adult posted a link to her account in a community Facebook group. She referred to Coppage as her best friend during the interview with the Missouri-based outlet.

(Photo submitted from social media account)

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