MoDOT launches major bridge improvement project in north Missouri

Bridge Work Ahead News Graphic
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The Missouri Department of Transportation has what it calls the Northwest Bridge Bundle.

Michael Marriott, MoDOT Northwest District Eastern Area Engineer, and Northwest Bridge Bundle Project Director, reports the work in the bundle will replace or rehabilitate 31 bridges in a seven-county area. Those counties are Mercer, Putnam, Sullivan, Linn, Livingston, Carroll, and Chariton.

The work will be done through a design-build process. Marriott says it is a unique program delivery and the first of its kind in this part of Missouri.



The first bridge in the bundle was started about a month ago. The second bridge has been started since. MoDOT closed a third bridge on May 13.

The Northwest Bridge Bundle completion date for the 31 bridges is December 1, 2026. Each bridge has its own completion date.

The Northwest Statewide Transportation Improvement Program funds the Northwest Bridge Bundle.

Every bridge or structure longer than 20 feet is required, at the federal level, to be inspected at a minimum of every two years.

A district bridge engineer inspects state bridges and gives them a rating of poor, fair, or good. Once a bridge is in poor condition or close to it, MoDOT starts scoping the bridge for a replacement or rehabilitation.

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