Spickard R-II School District announces 2023-2024 awards day results

Awards Day News Graphic
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The Spickard R-II School District recently held its annual awards day, celebrating the achievements of students. Below are the details of the awards presented.

4th Quarter Honor Roll

  • Red (A) Honor Roll: Carter Wyatt, Alice Tharp, IndiLinn Allen, Remington Etter, Nolan Allen
  • Black (B) Honor Roll: Nova Bowe, Zoey Eakes, Annyston Vandever, Tyler Canady, Trinity Chapman, Addi Roberts, Mason Wilson, Jacob Wilson-Hay

4th Quarter AR Heroes

  • Nolan Allen, Remington Etter, Nova Bowe, Emmitt Marrs, Bentley Adams, IndiLinn Allen, Zoey Eakes, Taralynn Stiner, Alice Tharp, Annyston Vandever, Tyler Canady, Addi Roberts, Trinity Chapman, Mason Wilson, Carter Wyatt, Forest Sharp, Sophia Persell, Jacob Wilson-Hay

AR Champions

  • Remington Etter, Nova Bowe, Emmitt Marrs, Bentley Adams, IndiLinn Allen, Zoey Eakes, Taralynn Stiner, Alice Tharp, Annyston Vandever, Trinity Chapman, Mason Wilson, Carter Wyatt, Sophia Persell, Jacob Wilson-Hay

Library “I Love Reading” Award

  • Emmitt Marrs, Nova Bowe, Mason Wilson

Most Improved in Computer Science

  • Ruger Etter

Being a Great Friend Award

  • Trinity Chapman, Sophia Persell

Brightest Smile Award

  • Carter Wyatt

Best Dancer

  • Nolan Allen

Incredible Artists

  • IndiLinn Allen, Zoey Eakes, Jacob Wilson-Hay

Soil and Water Conservation Posters

  • District K-2: 1st Zoey Eakes; 2nd IndiLinn Allen; 3rd Taralynn Stiner
  • District 4-6: 1st Mason Wilson; 2nd Jacob Wilson-Hay; 3rd Trinity Chapman
  • County Level: 1st Mason Wilson; 2nd Zoey Eakes; 3rd IndiLinn Allen

iReady 100%+ Growth

  • Trinity Chapman, Mason Wilson, Annyston Vandever, Bentley Adams, Alice Tharp, Jacob Wilson-Hay, Ruger Etter, Zoey Eakes, Remington Etter, IndiLinn Allen, Tyler Canady, Forest Sharp, Carter Wyatt, Nolan Allen

Driving Awards from Mario Kart Gaming Day

  • 1st Mason Wilson; 2nd Carter Wyatt; 3rd Nolan Allen; 4th Annyston Vandever

Basketball Awards

  • Best Offensive Player: Mason Wilson
  • Best Defensive Player: Sophia Persell
  • Team Pride Award: Ruger Etter
  • Most Shots: Jacob Wilson-Hay
  • In it to Win it: Traxton Galvin
  • Most Improved Player: Forest Sharp
  • Most Valuable Player: Trinity Chapman

PBS Drawing

  • $100 gift card: Alice Tharp

After School Club

  • Emmitt Marrs, Bentley Adams, Taralynn Stiner, Alice Tharp, Annyston Vandever, Tyler Canady, Trinity Chapman, Forest Sharp, Sophia Persell, Nolan Allen, Zoey Eakes, IndiLinn Allen, Addi Roberts, Ruger Etter, Remington Etter

Kindergarten Classroom Awards

  • Nolan Allen: Best Dancer, Math Award, Reading Circle
  • Nova Bowe: Superhero, Scientist Award, Reading Circle
  • Remington Etter: Talker, Reading Award, Reading Circle

1st/2nd Classroom Awards

  • Emmitt Marrs: Math Flash Award, Reading Circle
  • Bentley Adams: Engineering Award, Reading Circle
  • IndiLinn Allen: Human Calculator, Reading Circle
  • Zoey Eakes: Scientist Award, Reading Circle
  • Taralynn Stiner: Sound Buster Award, Reading Circle
  • Alice Tharp: Spectacular Speller, Reading Circle
  • Annyston Vandever: Strategic Reading Award, Reading Circle

Fun Awards

  • Emmitt: Rolo Award
  • Bentley: Jr Mint Award
  • IndiLinn: Lifesaver Award
  • Zoey: Reeses Pieces Award
  • Taralynn: Crunch Award
  • Alice: Smarties Award
  • Annyston: Gummy Bear Award

3rd/4th Classroom Awards

Academic Awards

  • Tyler Canady: Penmanship
  • Ruger Etter: Most Improved Writing
  • Trinity Chapman: Math Master
  • Addi Roberts: Super Speller
  • Traxton Galvin: Most Improved Reading

Fun Awards

  • Puffs Award: Traxton Galvin
  • Cool Ranch Award: Trinity Chapman
  • Classic Lays Award: Addi Roberts
  • Funyon Award: Ruger Etter
  • Nacho Cheese Award: Tyler Canady

Reading Circle Certificate

  • Tyler Canady
  • Ruger Etter
  • Trinity Chapman
  • Addi Roberts

5th/6th Classroom Awards

  • Sophia Persell: Fashionista Award, Puzzle Award, Reading Circle
  • Forest Sharp: Information Award, Potato Award, Reading Circle
  • Jacob Wilson-Hay: Growth Award, Steak Award, Reading Circle
  • Mason Wilson: Bookworm Award, Ice Cream Award, Reading Circle
  • Carter Wyatt: Celebration Award, Ice Cube Award, Reading Circle


  • Years of Service: 10-year pins – Jackie White, Shelly Porter
  • Thank You for Your Service: Tami Watt, Carol Schmidt
  • Special Friend of Spickard School: Babe Roy

May Top Pirate

  • Annyston Vandever

May Top Teammate

  • Captain Jack

For more information, contact Mrs. Erica Eakes, Superintendent/Principal, Spickard R-II School District at 660-485-6121.

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