Rotary members rally for World Polio Day

World Polio Day Rotary News Graphic
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As World Polio Day approaches on Tuesday, October 24, efforts are intensifying within various community circles to support Polio Plus, a dedicated initiative fighting the global eradication of polio. Among these, Rotary clubs are taking the lead in several fundraising and awareness activities.

Several clubs within Rotary District 6040, encompassing 56 clubs, have either conducted or are planning fundraisers to contribute to Polio Plus. These events vary in nature, demonstrating the clubs’ creativity and commitment to the cause. In addition to fundraising, other clubs, including Trenton, have taken a more formal approach by having proclamations signed in recognition of World Polio Day.

Rotary District 6040 has received over 100 applications for the Polio Plus Society Charter Membership. This initiative is part of a broader campaign to secure continuous support for Polio Plus. Rotary members in the district are encouraged to pledge at least $100 annually to Polio Plus. Those who make this commitment by October 31 are eligible to apply and become Charter Members of the Polio Plus Society.

Members who have already contributed $100 or more since July 1 of this Rotary year qualify for this status and can apply for Charter Membership. Approved applicants are set to receive a pin and a certificate in recognition of their support. These tokens of appreciation will be presented at the upcoming Rotary Foundation event in Kansas City on the evening of November 4.

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