Young swine exhibitors gather for MPA circuit awards in Sedalia

MPA Youth Show Pig website

The MPA Youth Show Pig Circuit, a summer-long competition for Missouri’s junior swine exhibitors, culminated in an awards ceremony on Wednesday, August 9, at the Pork Place on the Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia.

The circuit, which spanned from April to June, allowed participants to garner points across 11 of the 19 jackpot shows held throughout Missouri. These events were instrumental in showcasing the skills and dedication of young swine enthusiasts, contributing to their overall standings in the competitive circuit.

The awards presentation marked the end of the season, recognizing the hard work and achievements of the participants. Winners from various towns across the state received accolades for their performance. The comprehensive list of winners by town includes:

  • Bogard:
    • Frank Henry Miller: 3rd Overall Hampshire Barrow
    • Michaela Miller: 4th Berkshire Gilt, 4th Hampshire Gilt
    • Scarlett Miller: 2nd Poland China Gilt (corrected from “Poland Chila Gilt”), 4th Spotted Gilt
  • Cameron:
    • Addy Sloan: 5th Novice Showmanship, 4th Hereford Gilt
    • Aubree Sloan: 1st Junior Showmanship, 2nd Light Crossbred Gilt, 1st Poland China Gilt, 3rd Overall Gilt
  • Chillicothe:
    • Colby Gillespie: 5th Spotted Gilt
    • Remington Isaacs: 2nd Spotted Barrow
    • Riggin Isaacs: 3rd Poland China Gilt
    • Carson Samm: 1st Duroc Barrow, 9th Overall Barrow
  • Hamilton:
    • Hadley Corbin: 4th Junior Showmanship
    • Paizley Corbin: 1st Novice Showmanship
    • Charlie Kate Gilgour: 3rd Novice Showmanship, 4th Hampshire Barrow
    • Ember Gilgour: 3rd Junior Showmanship, 2nd Berkshire Barrow, 3rd Hereford Barrow
    • Bailey Miller: 5th Hampshire Gilt
    • Gage Miller: 1st Hampshire Gilt, 8th Overall Gilt
  • Hardin:
    • Amaryllis Neff: 5th OPB Gilt
  • Norborne:
    • Chesney Brock: 2nd Novice Showmanship, 5th Chester White Barrow, 3rd Chester White Gilt
  • Princeton:
    • Eli Henke: 2nd Dark Crossbred Gilt, 1st Duroc Gilt, 1st Spotted Barrow, 2nd Overall Gilt, 6th Overall Barrow
    • Judd Henke: 1st Hereford Barrow, 2nd Poland China Barrow
    • Reed Mitchell: 3rd Hereford Gilt
  • Richmond:
    • Cash Honeycutt: 5th Poland China Gilt
    • Ella Reese: 2nd OBP Barrow
  • Sheridan:
    • Drew Welch: 2nd Hereford Gilt, 1st Yorkshire Barrow, 4th Yorkshire Gilt
    • Tate Welch: 1st Dark Crossbred Gilt, 1st Hereford Gilt, 1st Light Crossbred Gilt, 1st Overall Gilt
  • Slater:
    • Carson Price: 4th Chester White Gilt
    • Keelee Price: 2nd Yorkshire Barrow
    • Charlot Thornton: 5th Junior Showmanship, 2nd Duroc Gilt
  • Sweet Springs:
    • Emma Sims: 1st Senior Showmanship, 1st Berkshire Barrow, 2nd Berkshire Gilt, 3rd Chester White Barrow, 4th Light Crossbred Barrow, 1st Spotted Gilt, 6th Overall Gilt, 4th Overall Barrow

Interested parties can view the complete results at this link on the MPA Youth Show Pig Circuit website.