Next “Trenton 2020” meeting will be tonight at Sugg Room

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Ideas regarding community appearance will be discussed when the next Trenton 2020 meeting is held tonight (Tuesday, March 8th).  The town-hall type meeting begins at 6 o’clock in the Sugg Room of the Ketcham Community Center.

Community Development Director Ralph Boots indicates improving neighborhood appearance should be a year-long effort:

Community appearance is one of 5 priorities identified in late 2015 when the Trenton 2020 meetings began.  Updates will be given tonight regarding organized sports, housing, an event / community center, and a hotel chain.

The five priorities were selected based on visions of what Trenton may look like in 2020.  Boots was asked, by KTTN’s John Anthony, who should attend the 2020 meeting:

If people need information, contact Ralph Boots at Trenton City Hall.


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