Jamesport City Clerk announces water charge increase to begin in January

Jamesport City Council Meeting News Graphic

The Jamesport City Council, in its recent meeting on November 13, resolved to hire a code enforcement officer, a decision enabled by the Green Hills Regional Planning initiative. This move is a significant step towards strengthening the city’s commitment to maintaining code compliance and enhancing local governance.

In addition to this decision, the council updated the list of authorized signatories for the city’s financial transactions. The approved individuals now include the city clerk, the mayor, and the mayor pro tem, ensuring a streamlined and efficient handling of the city’s financial matters.

Shelley Page, the City Clerk of Jamesport, reported an impending change concerning the city’s water supply. Starting January 1, Jamesport will face a 3.4% increase in charges for the water it purchases from the Livingston County Public Water Supply District Number 4. The council, acknowledging the impact of this increase, has planned to revisit and address this issue in subsequent meetings.